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Week 15 – What is Your Element of Greatness?

Hello World,

I am really feeling sorry for the 50% who have already broken their New Years resolutions. I guess they had one glass too many or still believe there is a New Year fairy.

One of the most important lessons I learned this past year was not to focus on the negatives but instead to focus on the positive. I know that sounds so trite, but this past year I have been working on health. Hey, at my age you have to listen to everyone’s tips if you want to stay on this big blue ball a little longer. Anyway I think about health, I don’t think about being sick, i.e., I don’t like exercise, but I push that from my mind…instead I think that 30 to 40 min on the treadmill helps to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure. I don’t deny myself chocolate cake, but I eat smaller pieces less often because I like to see the scale reflect that I am taking care of myself. Get the idea?

So how does that apply to my network marketing business? These days I am learning and teaching myself networking success. I am going to succeed in this business, but to do so I am putting in some hard time.

I hate to make phone calls, doesn’t everyone? Okay so there are a few weirdos out there that say they do. Anyway, now when I sit down to make phone calls to set up appointments, I don’t think about the ball in my stomach or how much I hate to do it, but I think about the fact that there is someone out there who is waiting for my call. Of course knowing what to say plays a big part and these days I practice a lot on how to say things. After all people are counting on me and I am counting on me.

I listen to a particular digital download over and over by Frank Keefer, where he talks about practicing. He knows the networking business and is one of the best. The Master Key course in which I am now unlearning negative behavior and reinventing myself stresses over and over how practice is the only way to unfreeze your tongue. Once you learn what it is you want to say you can open your mouth and it just kind of spills out. Then you can work on other things.

Our Company has an annual World Conference at the beginning of February and I am looking forward to it. This is where I learn from the best of the best. I can feel confident to share with others. I know this is top of the line material. This is where I can be selfish and suck up stuff for me. I’m not kicking myself in the butt for not being up there on that stage, instead I am learning more. A strong foundation, something I thought I had but had to rebuild. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ~~William Butler Yeats.

So this week, this New Year What is Your Element of Greatness?

Live Your Dream,


Week 13 & 14 – Hello 2011!

We’re baaack! I am so glad to be back where it is warm and sunny, 70 degree weather, green everything. I feel alive again. The trip up to Kentucky was fine. Christmas with relatives and non-relatives, food, snow on Christmas day, everything to make the perfect Christmas. But, it wasn’t what I expected. Ooooh, what this class is doing to me. I was definitely the observer.

Everything was about gifts and too many for children, complaints about same and complaints about the food, each other etc. However, I didn’t buy into all of that. On the way (we drove) we talked about this class and the way we felt about different things and what we wanted to change about ourselves, but we were for the most part positive and looking forward, not backward.

While there we brought gifts for our hosts but did not for anyone else. That didn’t stop them. Largesse is overrated and it was for the wrong reasons. We’re adults and would not have felt left out, but what do we need with more bottles of lotion, bath gel, ornaments etc. Curiously, we found that it satisfied their sense of equality. They actually count gifts.

When we left we found our conversation trying to take on the old negatives and had to struggle to help each other. Because of weather we had to take a detour which added many hours to the trip, but it was okay. We used that time to talk about putting some plans in place.

On the road my niece called and said she bought The Greatest Salesman and the Master Key. I was stunned. She wanted me to send her the Blueprint that I had mentioned to her. When I recovered I asked her what was going on. She told me that after talking to me and seeing how I was handling all the family garbage ( the Ohio family, not the KY family) with my sister’s stroke and the new holiday drama, she felt it necessary to take a look at herself and do something to change her internal tapes and make a good life for her new baby who is due any day now. She wants to feed her positive thoughts and not the crap she grew up with. I ended up shedding a few tears when I got off the phone, I was so touched.

I don’t know if she is ready, but I will help her on her exploration and maybe she will take the journey.

It’s going to be a good year. The old problems will be there still, but there are new tools and I/we are getting stronger every day. We’re just one step closer…….

Have a great day, a great year and be good to yourself,


Week 12 – Take That……..

I never know until I sit down at the computer what the blog will be. I let whatever I am feeling at the moment take over. Now I wonder if that has been a good thing. We are in the process of setting up our Aweber button etc and I’m not sure I want my group seeing my sometimes raw emotions that I have written about in my blog. I thought this was just for us, MKMMAers. Should I start another blog? All opinions welcomed.

I had a problem with Haanel this week, so I am trying to take what I need from it and leave the rest. I also have to remember when the book was written and there is no law that says that I have to agree with all that he says. It goes into a compartment of my brain along with all the other new things we have been learning.

When I sat down for my quiet time I found I was looking inside my head and seeing all these little boxes. I guess since I have been dealing with many different emotions I have had to do this to be effective. So I take one out and do what I need to do for the day and put it back. I don’t dare mix it with any of the others or I will be stalled, frozen, unable to move.

We all want everything to be roses and lollipops and we all want to attract good things and send love out to everyone, but you know all the love in the world just doesn’t cut it. You still have to deal with crap. Gosh, there’s a lot of that out there.

So what I have done is to dress in my cammies and get ready to wage war. My first line of defense has been to protect my home. This is my safe place or I should say ours. I am not allowing any negativity in the door. People are not invited this season, I don’t have the strength or time. I am being selective as to the events I am attending so that I can enjoy myself and make some contacts that will further my business. I did not allow myself to get into the buying a ton of gifts because I refuse to be in debt. In fact I bought some things for us. We figured we were deserving and were entitled to stuff our own stockings. So we did. That was a first. Of course we did the Mission thing and donated money, clothes and toys. That was important.

I feel good about these decisions.

I am also waging war on my MKMMA challenges. I WILL learn TweetAdder, Aweber. I WILL make out the index cards, I WILL post more, but I want to smell some pine and cookies along the way and listen to the bells and the pipes . But you know what? So far I have not lost my cool. I am doing just what I can do and accepting that fact that if I can’t get it all done, I will have done my best. In the meantime, if you have read all this pap, take a moment and enjoy the following.

Week 11 – No Tooth Fairy……sigh!

I’m glad I can’t see into the future. There wouldn’t be any surprises, good or bad. I read, reread the MK all week. Law of attraction. I’ve heard about this for many years, but it always seemed as if it was for someone else. Somewhere along the line I became afraid. You know the old saying, be careful what you wish for…. I still feel that way. It’s almost like you have to be very exacting or you might stir up a witch’s brew. Scary.

This week brought some surprises. Sister back in hospital, trip to KY for holidays looks as if it may take place, a client from two years back decided to pay his bill, big party wasn’t a big party.

Seems like things are out of sync or at least not in my rhythm. We had this
expo/party that we bought a booth for our business. We decided at the last minute not to do the booth, thinking we would work the room instead. I get feelings about a lot of things before they happen and I am lucky my husband doesn’t think I’m nuts,
because percentage wise I am right most of the time.

So we went to the expo and I guess the rest of the world didn’t get the memo because I think the only people there were the booth presenters. I felt bad for the people who worked so hard to put the affair together.

We tried to make lemonade but there wasn’t enough sugar. I bought a few things because I believe in supporting other networkers. I talked to everyone there, passed
out cards, listened to their woes and realized (here is the biggie) drumroll please.

There were no people there because this group is a cookie club and not one (I made
note) ever heard of or ever pursued anything like the MK.

After a few overtures regarding masterminding and other feelers I ended up with a new client who doesn’t want to purchase anything but wants to pick my brain; a dr who wants to make another appointment to follow up with my business (he has already cancelled four); and a persistent Usana rep who can’t believe I am not interested in her business.

Conclusion…….next. It’s time to move on. Phew! I am wrapping a big red bow around all that negativity and burying it deep. This is not my idea of networking.

Week 10 – Don’t Quit —I Believe

See Yourself

I am so getting into the reading.  Everytime I reread I find something else.  I wish my father was alive so that I could talk to him about this thing of not giving up.  I am stubborn to a fault and don’t like to give up on anything, but dad used to say that knowing when to quit was a sign of intelligence. For many years I thought I was kinda stupid, because I just didn’t want to give up on anything or anybody; whereas, my father got knocked around so much in life that he just gave up.   Of course it didn’t help that he was an alcoholic.

As years have passed I have come to realize that maybe I wasn’t understanding what dad tried to tell me.  So I changed my approach and decided on my own (wish I had had a mentor) to give 110% and then when I didn’t have anything else to give, I would quit.  I truly think that this is what he meant.

 This is a hard lesson in network marketing.  When do you give up on a prospect or distributor? Here is my answer.  Since I will never give up in my networking business I tell distributors and possible distributors that I will match their efforts.  If they have names I will make calls with them, not for them; I will meet with their prosects with them, not for them; I will help them with their business after I know that have attended training and researched a problem before calling me.  That way we both know what our responsibilities to each other will be.

The greatest lesson I have learned though to help me with the above behavior about not quitting has been Mark and Davene’s lesson on “do they need it or do they want it.”  I had to learn it myself and now I can teach it.  That little phrase gives me permission to stop or quit. 

Week 10 – Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

I’m blogging today just to be blogging. I’ve been reading a number of the MK blogs and some of them make me weep, others are hopeful, some are delicious, but I realized the holidays are mentioned in most cases as downers. Soooo that got me to remembering and thinking back. You won’t know this but I have many years of blocked memories because the brain has its’ own idea of protection and I have random, intermittent blank spots over the years. All due to dysfunctional family problems and me not knowing the questions to ask to get some help, but that’s not what this is about.

Today is about Christmas, I mean for real Christmas not this thing today that involves lining the pockets of all the retailers out there. I’m going back to a time when I was a child of the age where you make memories that last you a lifetime, i.e., the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls on a cold morning; lilacs in the spring. Get the idea?

So travel with me back to those years. What I remember as Christmas is living in a small town about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, PA. Wet, cold, dark November days and knowing that Christmas was not far off.

After Thanksgiving my spinster aunt would take me to Pittsburgh. I had a sister (still do), but these outings were my special time with my Aunt. Occasionally, her sister and husband would go along, but they went their way and we went ours. and (one of those blank spots – we went every year for about ten years and I don’t remember one time how we got there, car or bus, or someone driving).

The supposed purpose was to get me a new winter coat. I only remember two – tiny plaid check coat with brown velvet leggings and the year I rebelled against brown picking out a royal blue wool with leggings. To go without leggings meant you had arrived. That was important because I was always dressed in brown and not only was the new coat blue, it was long (below the knees) which meant I was growing up. I knew I would never wear the leggings, they were for babies.

Once the coat was purchased she would walk me past all the department stores like Kaufmanns, Gimbels, etc and I would press my face against the windows to watch the animated Christmas displays–Salvation Army bell ringers in the background, snowflakes in my face and bitter wind pulling at my hat. But the colors–reds, gold, sparkles, silver, green, blue and Christmas scenes in each window. What delights. I would shiver and my lips would turn blue but she never made me leave.

I could look my fill and then… Well, and then she would take me to Stouffer’s for dinner. I was led to a table by a man who would pull out my chair and seat me and my Aunt Leah. These repeated excursions over the years taught me the intricacies of dining in public, linen tablecloths, menus and manners. Always I could order what I wanted and I learned that chopped steak was not steak but a hamburger pattie. I never said a word and acted as if I knew what I was getting the entire time. I don’t remember what we would do when we left the restaurant, but you can see these events made memories.

Christmas mornings were at my home and in the afternoon we always went to Aunt Peg and Uncle Chuck’s house. That’s where Aunt Leah lived. Didn’t everyone’s aunt live with family? I thought so. The women would cook wonderful things and while we waited for dinner there would be little dishes of chocolates and Jordan almonds in the living room and dining room. Poinsettias on the dining room table. I didn’t care much for the coating on the almonds but they had a slight aroma and a slikery feeling in your mouth that I still remember.

Dinner was filled with teasing and laughter. I didn’t have to sit next to my sister. I got to sit next to Aunt Leah. I was too young to know that we were seated this special way so that we wouldn’t know that daddy was drunk and sometimes mean and that Uncle Chuck was playing intermediary. He gave us Christmas after Christmas, holiday after holiday and watched over us from afar for many years, keeping us safe.

There are many more memories but when Christmas gets near these roll into my mind and today’s version of Christmas doesn’t mean a thing. I make my own Christmas and make Christmases for others. I want them to feel the joy and love, look at the babe in the manger and know for a brief period of time that all is right with the world.

Have a great day my friends and be good to our selves,


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